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Sabo.ng is a safe peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and fiat exchange platform where you can obtain different currencies very easily and securely from other users who have what you need and need what you have.
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On Sabo.ng you can exchange Nigerian Naira (NGN), US Dollar (USD), British Pound (GBP) and Euro (EUR) all major Cryptocurrencies. We hope to make exchange of other currencies available in the nearest future. If you enjoy our service and would want us to immediately make exchanges in a particular currency available, please contact us .
Sabo.ng is a secure platform and safe for currency exchange. We have built the platform latest encryption and cryprographic technologies to keep transfer of information safe. So you can rest assured that your money is safe on sabo.ng

On Sabo.ng you do not transfer to Seller account directly rather you transfer to CloudWare Secure Escrow Accounts when the seller does his own transfer within 24-48 hrs, the exchange takes place and Sabo.ng remits the amount you want to your supplied bank account. If the seller does not pay the amount you require within 24-48 hrs, the FULL amount you paid is reversed back to your bank account automatically, and the reputation of the seller is automatically reduced for causing you inconvenience
The exchange process is considered completed once the funds have been transferred from the seller to the buyer’s. This is usually within 24hrs from when the payments by the seller and the buyer were received into the CloudWare Escrow account.
Yes. You will be able to see the current status of the exchange process from your dashboard. You can follow the exchange from offer acceptance to exchange completion.
If you are the offer maker, failure to make payments within the specified period to fulfil the offer will reduce your reputation score by 3, thereby reducing the probability of getting other users to accept your future offers If you are the offer acceptor, failure to pay within the specified period automatically cancels your interest in the offer and the funds paid by the offer maker will be remitted back to him + your reputation score will be reduced, and your account may be deleted with or without notice
For Cryptocurrencies, you pay a little Transaction Fee, and for Fiat, depending on the channel used, you may or may not pay any fee, please chat with us for clarification as requierd
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